Mazda RX-7 (FD3s) Club UK

Bolney 4



Meeting at the Plough, Godstone

Another view of Godstone

Had to park miles away again

The noses

Closeup of Eddy's GTC nose

Looking up the road towards the pub

Nice AP conversion on this scooby

The whole car with the AP conversion

Not much room for error on the front spoiler

Nice quad light conversion and carbon bonnet on this MR-2

Tidy Mk3 Impreza

A lot of work has gone into this

Mean looking GTO

John York's twin turbo beast with new bomex kit

view of the back end

Andy's very shiny Almera engine bay

Lovely paint job

The pub. Mmmmmmmm

A selection opposite the pub

Lovely Supra arriving

Looking up the road from the pub

A couple of nice R33s

Supra arses

A gaggle of S2000s

S2000 noses

Nice darker side skrits and spolier

Almera owners club

Interesting FTO paintjob

Mean NA MR-2

Very shiny Supra engine bay. Huge throttle body and inlet manifold!

315s on the back

Lovely colour Supra

More FDs

Unique rear spoiler. Clean car

I think he's lost

Looking down the road

Some big boys at the bottom of the road

Lovely spec

Looking mean

Good looking MkIII

The pub car park

More of the pub car park