Mazda RX-7 (FD3s) Club UK

G-Force Rolling Road



Porches in good company

Another view

Anthony's Supra on the rollers

Rick Walker's car on the rollers

Sachin's car on the rollers. Chris from G-Force also pictured

Max's beast in the cage!

Another look at Anthony's 460bhp, 460ft/lb Supra

Iain Thackers car getting run

Jason Green's car

Paul Farr's car joins the car park

Closeup of Knightsports nose fitted with clear indicator/sidelight cluster

Ming's UK spec Veilside kitted car

Nice new brakes Max!

Ming's car being prepped. Gaballa 600 on the ramps at the back

Alex Smith's GTC nosed car getting it's figures

Art shot of Max's car

Another view of Max's car

Where all that power is coming from

Jason Green's car. Something's wrong in the engine bay!

Alex Smiths car basking in the sun

Closeup of Alex's car

Ming's car with Chris

Henning through the M25 roadworks

Nice arse shot