Mazda RX-7 (FD3s) Club UK

The Jap Show



A curve of FDs

Tim's 11 second 1st gen queuing

Dave Frith, Dracco and Caz


The clue's in the name : "Jap Show"

Linney's Lovely FD

Flippin Skylines

Wide boy

Mmmm shiny bits

Catching some Zs.

Mark III Supras

MR2 rear clusters

Silver is popular

Large exhaust

Lovely Skyline wheel

Miles and miles of Imprezas

Nicely modded Impreza

The joy of NSX

Beautiful black NSX

Rare MS-02 alloys in rare gold/silver

Lovely Coloured Supra

5.8 second 1/4 mile!

Drag beetle

The RE:Worx drag car. Get to the semis

Supercharged Civic

Jordon Civics

FEED Type II nosed FD

RE-Amemiya kitted FD

Feed Type II-R Nose

Re-Amemiya Nose

The wide boy again

Could you turn it UP a bit please?


15th Anniversary

What a pair

Video - 13B powered Skoda

Video - RE:Worx second run

Video - 7.5 second Drag Bike

Video - Seahaven Evo