Mazda RX-7 (FD3s) Club UK

The Fast Show



On the way at Toddington Services

Henning's car breaks cover with MS-01 Mags (at last!)

Tom's car

Lawrence Bookham's lovely Veilside car

A bit cold for topless action

The FDUK gravel trap!

Another view of our area

Top Fuel dragster being prepared

Awesome top fuel drag engine. How clean?

Doubt you'll get these undeer stock 16s

Unique Products sponsored R33

Good choice of demo car from Vampire tints

Suprisingly the only lambo door car on display

The dwarves lost three on the M1

Surely that's not going to run?

It did! Around 14 seconds!

V8 Boss Hoss motorbike

Close-up of the rocker cover

The GT-Art R34 Skyline. Managed 12.2 on it's first run of the day.

Skyline R32 in the paddock

Another Skyline R33. Interesting nostrils.

Sub enclosure in the Vampire tints FD

Very quick 50's bodied drag car

I think they need a bigger tent

Cramped cockpit ofthe jet car

No space for the shopping

Another look at the jet car

One of the five BMWs on the Max Power stand

One Noble and your nobbled

Horrid centre console

Not exactly subtle is it?

Tin-tin's FD

Robyn Pritchard's car

Paul Cassar's car

Close-up of Paul's lights

Paul Cassar's friend's FD

Rick Walker's lowered FD

Stickers' FD

Lawrence Bookham's car

Henning's car

Caz's UK spec FD

Close-up of Lawrence's spoiler

Another look at Lawrence's car

The neighbours

The sun came out ot show of Lawrence's paint.

Video of the Jet car (4.85M)