Mazda RX-7 (FD3s) Club UK

Jap Show '05



Classic Toddington services shot

Getting into the spirit of things

TinTin's car

Christopher's car

Warthog's storming car

Sicknote's bling car (including menu)

Max's subtle car

Sticker's car

Henning's car

RB5 scooby stand

Stawberries and cream

Shot across the nose

Montego Blue looking lovely in the sun

This is only 1/4 of the GTiR stand

Menacing Supras

Jordan Civics

Lovely Z

Do-luck kit and wheels. Yum

Nice display from the FTOs

Different colour scheme

Sparkly sideskirts

There's 1000+ bhp under that bonnet

1200+ bhp!

Interesting paint effect

Flames and glitter GTiR

Tidy Red Rex

Kazama wide body kit

Lawrence's veilside beast

Beats having a spare tyre!

Rear hatch replacement

Gorgeous Fortune Supra

Bling a ding ding

Hope he's decalred that to his insurer

Lovely colour

Evil Clown RX-7

Lush deep red

Unique Exhaust

Widebody 200sx

Castrol RX-7

Kieron's pearly gates

RE-Worx drag car

CRD in action

Lots of work

It looks a bit sad