Mazda RX-7 (FD3s) Club UK

Rotorstock II



07:15 at J11/M25

Lawrences new paint in the early sun

Lawrences new dinner plate brakes

Lined up ready to leave Cerwell Valley services

Nice multispoke alloys

View of the club area

Another view of the club area

Lovely red FD

Very clean silver FD

Complimentary kit on this RX-8

Unique nose. Deep red paint.

Mazdaspeed 15th Aniversary kit and Type I skirts

Deep purple/blue flip over black

Japanese Drift spec car

Lawrences car basking

Sterte Garage beast


Interesting intercooler setup

Carl Hayward's 4 rotor NA enginebay

Tim from RXmotor's interesting intake elbow install

Sicknote's blingtastic enginebay

RB motorsports Skyline - 9.6sec 1/4 mile

Dragon's FD. 10.4@138 New UK rotary record

Mean green rotary machine

Someone spent a lot of money at RE-amemiya

Nice satin grey detailing

Dragon demo car

Montego blue looks lovely in the sun

Badboy Mazdaspeed nose. Lovely colour

What colour do you put on the V5?

Scooby Si's Veilside D1 kitted car.